Marital infidelity with a twist

Philtre’ : (1) a potion thought to arouse sexual love (2) any magical potion

English Proverb: The sun shines just as brightly through a happy poor man’s window as a happy rich man’s window.

(Excerpt from Philtre’:)

The four were gifted, truly beautiful people. They all were gifted in bodily appearance, athletic ability, intelligence, wit, and charm -some more gifted than others, but what each lacked in a specific category, the deficit was more than made up in another. They were all blessed with good health. Their children were equally blessed, reflecting the traits of their parents in health, intelligence, and looks: the future was their’s to have. Fortune seemed to smile on all.

They were surrounded with material wealth, for not only were their homes palatial, if you had a sharp eye you could pick out the Mallard antiques, the Murano glass, the Burano lace, the Herend porcelain, the Waterford, the Sheffield silver, the Spode china, the Steuben crystal, and the oils by the European artists. They were not hard to miss. The grounds of each home were as well manicured as the owners. Their wardrobe was designer, the cars were German, the watches all Swiss made, and the jewels -the diamonds, emeralds, and pearls- were the finest.

Yet, for all they possessed, tangible and intangible, the sun did not shine very brightly through their windows.

©2012, Robert M Shows

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