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Marital infidelity with a twist

Philtre’ : (1) a potion thought to arouse sexual love (2) any magical potion

English Proverb: The sun shines just as brightly through a happy poor man’s window as a happy rich man’s window.

(Excerpt from Philtre’:)

The four were gifted, truly beautiful people. They all were gifted in bodily appearance, athletic ability, intelligence, wit, and charm -some more gifted than others, but what each lacked in a specific category, the deficit was more than made up in another. They were all blessed with good health. Their children were equally blessed, reflecting the traits of their parents in health, intelligence, and looks: the future was their’s to have. Fortune seemed to smile on all.


Thought provoking fiction of the inadequacies of the U.S. health care system, seen through the eyes, head, and heart of an altruistic physician, who, through the justice system, sues the government to provide health care to the indigent.
(Excerpt from Truths:)

“What legal precedent? How about the Declaration of Independence?”

“How you figure that?”

A Sentence of Death

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In 1977 the United States House of Representatives appointed a select committee to investigate the Kennedy assassination. After their review of the 1963 and 1964 FBI investigative reports and reviewing new evidence, their conclusions, released in September 1978 and as stated in House Resolution #1540: “We believe and the facts suggest that President John F. Kennedy was killed as the direct result of a conspiracy.” However, the second sentence is as interesting as the first, “Although, the persons responsible cannot be indentified at this time.” Thus, in 1978 the Untied States Government officially went on record stating the President of the United States was most likely murdered as the result of a conspiracy.
A Sentence of Death is a character and plot driven action novel about the assassination of John F. Kennedy, based on House Resolution #1540. This historical fiction novel describes how a plausible conspiracy could have truly resulted in the assassination of a U.S. President.

Yockanookany NedYockanookany Ned

Phonetically pronounced: YOCK – UH – NOOK – UH – KNEE

…a series of short stories all told from the southern perspective.

Hi y’all.
Yockanookany Ned here.

A few words about Southern culture and the Natchez Garden Club, but first…, I love history. I have always loved history, especially Southern history. To me, Natchez is the city that embodies and reflects history more than any other city in the State of Mississippi. The story I’ve always heard (true or not) is that in the early 1800’s there were twenty millionaires in the United States, eight of which lived in Natchez –all cotton planters and speculators. In the early nineteenth century, the Natchez-New Orleans connection was the cotton exporting capital of the world and made the cotton barons of Natchez extremely wealthy men, as demonstrated by their majestic houses.

Stellar PhoenixStellar Phoenix
The three greatest impediments to space travel are distance, gravity, and radiation. This trio of thought-to-be-impossible barriers is overcome by the works of a brilliant young physicist, now enabling man to truly traverse the galaxy in near record and
reasonable time.
Dr James Scott, the Director of NASA, beamed with pride as he began, “Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests…, welcome. Today is a special day for NASA, for today, we formally introduce you to the NASA Galactic Enterprise –the world’s first true interstellar, intragalactic spaceship– and her crew. We…, here at NASA…, are especially proud of this moment. Space travel will change, and our planet, our solar system, and our galaxy will never be the same.

secrets of the ERsecrets of the ER
Anecdotal, autobiographical stories of the ER. A behind the scenes look at patients, hospitals, ERs, doctors and nurses, and hospital administration; tales ranging the gamete of human emotion: the ridiculous to the sublime, the outrageously amusing to the unfathomly sad, and all the human idiosyncrasies that go in such a high stress environment.
It was a Saturday night, another one of those particular evenings in the ER when everything related to the practice of Emergency Medicine had fallen apart. Seriously ill and injured patients lay everywhere and every room was occupied, and to further complicate matters, the hospital was remodeling the ER, making a fourth of our rooms unavailable.

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